The Importance of Mathematics in Computer Science and Society

This essay discusses the strong correlation between mathematics and computer science. It explains how computer science borrows heavily from the mathematics discipline, and how the skills required for website design, computer programming, and social responsibility all have a strong correlation with mathematics.

The California Education System: Adopted Documents, Standards, and Procedures

The California education system has adopted several documents that guide its operation, including standards for each subject that students are taught. These standards have been set in order to ensure that students across the state receive a quality education and that there is equity in the educational opportunities that are offered to them. In addition to the subject standards, the California education system has also adopted professional teaching standards. These standards outline the expectations for teachers in terms of their professional conduct and competence.

The Importance of Creativity

This essay discusses the concept of creativity, its definition, the mental processes involved in creative thinking, and the importance of creativity for individuals and society. It also explores the factors that stimulate creativity and offers ways to nurture our own creativity.