The Impact of Globalization on Citizenship

This essay discusses the impact of globalization on citizenship from theoretical, legal, and political perspectives. It argues that globalization has led to the erosion of the traditional territorial and nationalistic conceptions of citizenship and to the development of a more global sense of citizenship.

The New Deal era in America: Economic crisis and political change

The New Deal era was a time of economic crisis and political change in the United States. The policies enacted during this time helped to spur economic growth and reduce poverty, but they also led to a more active role for government in the economy. The legacy of the New Deal can still be seen today in programs like Social Security and in the ongoing debate over the role of government in society.

The First World War: Its Impact on American Society

The First World War was one of the most significant and defining events of the 20th century, with far-reaching consequences for both Europe and America. In this essay, we will examine the impact of the First World War on American society. We will explore how the war affected American values and beliefs, as well as its political and economic institutions. We will also consider the legacy of the war on American culture in the years that followed.

The Impact of Globalization on Culture

This essay discusses the impact of globalization on cultures around the world. It argues that while there are some negative aspects to this trend, such as the spread of Western values and aggression, it is important to remember that globalization also has many positive effects, such as increased understanding and cooperation between different cultures.

The Relationship Between Democracy and Political Talk

This essay discusses the relationship between democracy and political talk, and explores some of the major issues related to political talk. It argues that communication is essential for democracy to function properly, and that political talk can be a useful tool for exchanging ideas and information. However, the essay also highlights some of the challenges associated with political talk, such as the need for compromise and the importance of reason.

My philosophy of education

In this essay, I will lay out my philosophy of education. This philosophy is based on the idea that a teacher, working with students with special needs, need strong sense of responsibility and duties. My goal as an educator is to provide students with the necessary tools to be successful in their future endeavors. I believe in the value of a liberal education and the importance of practical training. I also think that multiple models of education can be beneficial to students with special needs. I believe that justice and fairness are important values in the education system.

Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship

In his article, Pornography, obscenity and the case for censorship, Irving Kristol talks about the negative effects that the society could reap as a result of little censorship. He suggests that pornography should be censored in order to protect the innocent from its harmful effects.

Islamic Political Identity in Turkey: An Overview

This book provides a detailed exploration of the complex relationship between Islam and politics in Turkey. It discusses the different theoretical perspectives on the subject, and offers a comprehensive analysis of how Islamic political identity has developed over time.

The Importance of Political Blogs in Democracy

This essay discusses the role of political blogs in democracy, and how they can be used as a credible source of information for citizens. It also looks at the factors that can help readers determine the credibility of political blogs.

Romeo Dallaire: A Life Devoted to Social Justice and Human Rights

Romeo Dallaire is a well-known Canadian senator, writer, and retired lieutenant-general. He is best known for his efforts to stop the Rwandan genocide. In the years following the genocide, Dallaire has become an outspoken advocate for social justice and human rights. He has also been open about his own experiences with PTSD and has worked to raise awareness about the condition.