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The Reality of Racism and Racial Discrimination in Canada

This essay looks at the issue of race and ethnicity in Canada, with a focus on income and employment discrimination against visible minorities. The essay discusses how quotas and preferential policies in education and government subsidies often advantage visible minorities over white people. And it also looks at how social welfare policies in Canada disproportionately benefit visible minorities.

Germany as a Potential Partner in the Restaurant Business

Germany is a potential partner in the restaurant business due to its strong economy, social stability, and technological advancements. The country has a large population with a high employment rate, making it an attractive market for businesses. Additionally, Germany’s benefits system provides support for families and individuals, making it a desirable place to live and work. Although there are some religious conflicts in the country, they are not severe and are not widespread.

The Impact of International Trade on Workers

This essay will analyze how international trade affects workers in terms of their labor market outcomes and wages. In order to do so, a theoretical framework will be set based on the comparative advantage theory and the Stolper-Samuelson theorem. Then, empirical evidence will be used in order to support the discussion. Policy implications will also be taken into account. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn.