The Development of English as a Result of Verbal Communication

This essay explores how English has developed as a result of verbal communication, looking at the different dialects that have emerged over time. It discusses the theory of verbal communication and how it has evolved over time before focusing on English as a global language.

A Turn of the Screw: A Gothic Tale

This essay discusses the various gothic elements present in Henry James’s novella ‘A Turn of the Screw’ and how they contribute to the overall atmosphere of the story.

The Marrow of Tradition: An Exploration of Racism and Institutional Discrimination in the Post-Reconstruction Era

In The Marrow of Tradition, Charles Chestnutt uses the gothic mode to explore the themes of racism and institutional discrimination in the post-Reconstruction era. The novel is set in the fictional town of Wellington, North Carolina, which is based on Wilmington, North Carolina, where Chestnutt lived at the time. The Marrow of Tradition is one of the first novels to realistically portray the lives of blacks and white southerners in the post-Civil War era.