global warming

The Economic Costs and Benefits of Global Warming

This research paper looks at the economic costs and benefits of taking action to reduce global warming. It finds that the costs are significant, but so are the benefits. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions would help to improve public health and reduce healthcare costs, as well as slowing down the rate of climate change.

The Business Case for Sustainable Ethics: How Coca-Cola Can Create Competitive Advantage

In this essay, the business case for sustainable ethics is explored as it applies to Coca-Cola. Michael Porter’s five forces model is used to discuss how taking into account environmental and social issues can create a competitive advantage. The model is then applied to Wal-Mart and Tesco. It is concluded that the business case for sustainable ethics is strong for Coca-Cola and other companies.

The Positive Side of Global Warming

This essay explores the positive aspects of global warming, including reducing the number of hurricanes, increased food production, and new opportunities for mining.

The Three Root Causes of the Current Environmental Crisis

The current environmental crisis is the result of centuries of human activity, and it is now at a level where it is having a significant impact on the planet. The three root causes of this crisis are overpopulation, technology and industrialization, and capitalism. If we are to address this crisis effectively, then we need to address these root causes.

The Ecological Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

The essay explores the ecological benefits of a vegetarian diet, and how it can help to create a more sustainable way of life. It discusses the impact of a vegetarian diet on clean water depletion, global warming, and war.

The Relationship between Urban Economics and Use of Space

This essay looks at the relationship between urban economics and the use of space in cities. It discusses how our values as a society impact the way space is utilized, and how politics can influence the use of space through things like zoning laws and building codes.

The Great Global Warming Swindle: A One-Sided View of Climate Change

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a documentary that claims that the greenhouse effect is not caused by carbon dioxide emissions. The film argues that industrial society is not responsible for global warming, and that the warming of the Earth is a natural phenomenon.

The Reality of Global Warming: Why We Need to Take Action

This essay addresses the positions supporting and opposing the phenomenon of global warming, stating that it is a real scientifically supported concern, which requires interventions. Global warming has been a controversial topic for many years now, with some believing that it is a real and pressing concern, while others claim that it is nothing more than a hoax. The scientific consensus is that global warming is a real and pressing concern, and that human activity is the main driver of it. However, there are still some who deny this consensus, claiming that natural causes such as solar activity and the medieval warm period are responsible for the recent rise in temperatures. Additionally, they claim that carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, is not responsible for global warming. Finally, they argue that the costs of mitigating and adapting to global warming outweigh the benefits.

The Impacts of Global Warming

This essay discusses the physical and economic impacts of global warming, as well as possible solutions to the problem.

The Impact of Climate Change on the Tuatara

This essay discusses a recent study on how climate change is affecting the tuatara, a type of lizard found only in New Zealand. The study showed that warmer temperatures and less rainfall are associated with a higher proportion of males being born. This could lead to a decline in population size and an increased risk of extinction. The findings highlight the need for further research into how climate change is impacting the tuatara and other species around the world.