The Scottish Parliament Building: A History

The Scottish Parliament Building is the home of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland. The building was completed in 2004, after a lengthy construction process that was beset by controversy and cost overruns. The building has an unconventional design, with a number of asymmetrical features and curved walls. It has been praised for its innovative architecture, but has also been criticized for its high cost and controversial design.

An Easyjet SWOT Analysis

This essay provides an easyjet SWOT analysis, looking at the internal and external factors which have influenced the airline’s business strategy and performance in recent years. It also assesses the risks and opportunities facing easyJet in the future.

The Partnership between Sahara and HP: A Win-Win Situation

The essay discusses the partnership between Sahara Petrochemicals Company and Hewlett-Packard (HP). The partnership will help Sahara to grow at a fast pace, reduce the cost of its datacenter operations, and rejuvenate its network systems.

Deliberative Dialogues: A Tool for Improving Democracy

Deliberative Dialogues are a form of communication that can be used to improve democracy by bringing people together to discuss and solve problems in a more constructive way. They have many potential benefits, but there are also some costs and tradeoffs associated with using them.

The skyway project: a much needed investment in the Everglades

The skyway project is a much needed infrastructure investment in the Everglades. The project will provide an alternative to the aging and congested Tamiami Trail bridge, which is the only road link between Miami and the Everglades. The new skyway will be a two-lane highway with a center lane for emergency vehicles. It will be built on pilings high enough to allow the natural flow of water beneath it, restoring some of the flow that has been blocked by the Tamiami Trail for nearly a century.

The E. coli Outbreak at Odwalla Inc. and the company’s responsibility

This essay discusses the different degrees of responsibility that Odwalla Inc. and its employees had in the 1996 E. coli outbreak. It also evaluates the public recall of Odwalla’s products and the costs that the company incurred because of the crisis. Finally, it discusses how Odwalla’s employees reacted to the crisis and what confidence they had in recapturing the market.

An Analysis of General Motors Company

This essay discusses the history of General Motors, their current situation, and the challenges and opportunities they face going forward. GM is a large and diversified automaker with a long history of success, but they are currently facing some significant challenges. These include declining sales, increased competition, and changing consumer tastes. However, GM also has a number of strengths that it can rely on to weather these challenges. If GM can successfully navigate these challenges, they will be well-positioned for continued success in the future.