The Islamic Movement in Southern Africa: A History

This essay looks at the history of Islam in southern Africa, and how the modern Islamic movement has been influenced by decolonization and independence. It also discusses the role of Islamic organizations in the development of the Islamic movement in Namibia and Swaziland.

The Differences between Peter and John’s Ministries

This essay will explore the fundamental differences between the later ministries of Peter and John. It will discuss the major themes in the books of Revelation and Hebrews, which reveal these differences. In particular, it will focus on the ways in which persecution and oppression were experienced differently by each Apostle, and how this is reflected in their writing.

A Comparison of Christian Baptism and Koranic Verse

This essay will compare and contrast a pair of artwork located in the Krannert Art Museum: Christian Baptism in Ethiopia in the middle of the 20th century and Koranic verse in Cairo of 2001. Both artworks are 2D and represent different aspects of Christianity and Islam.

The Second Coming: A Poem of War, Religion, and Prophecy

The Second Coming is a poem by William Butler Yeats that employs allusions to Christianity and World War I to paint a dark picture of humanity’s future. The poem makes use of prophetic language, dark versus light imagery, and Americanization to convey its message.

An Introduction to Human Sexuality

This essay explores different aspects of human sexuality, including sexual education, consent, pleasure, and values. It also discusses how Christianity approaches these topics, and how each individual Christian must discern what God is calling them to do.