👨‍🦳 Religion Figures Essay Examples and Topics

Women in the Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern Goddesses: A Comparison

This essay looks at the similarities and differences between women in the Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern goddesses. It discusses how they were both associated with love, fertility and motherhood, but also how goddesses were often portrayed as naked or semi-naked women with large breasts, while women in the Hebrew Bible were usually fully clothed.

The Inner Circle of Jesus: Key Disciples Who Witnessed His Transfiguration

This essay looks at the inner circle of disciples who were closest to Jesus Christ. It discusses the transfiguration, which was a key moment in Jesus’ life when his divinity was revealed to his disciples. The inner circle of disciples was with Jesus during this pivotal moment and they bore witness to his transformation.

St Augustine’s Views on Religion and Science

In this essay, we will explore St Augustine’s views on religion and science. We will first look at how his view on religion was shaped by Neo-Platonism and then examine his views on science and its relationship to religion.

The Apostle Paul and His Letters: Background and Themes

This essay looks at the life and thought of the Apostle Paul, before exploring some of the key themes in his epistles. It discusses the impact of Paul’s letters on the history of Christianity and how they continue to inspire Christians today.