🧠 Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

The Relationship Between Personality and Depression

This essay discusses different theories about how personality develops, and how different types of personality pathology can be associated with depression. It also reviews different treatments for depression, and looks at how patients with personality pathology may respond to these treatments.

Emotion: Theories, Physiological Correlates, and Psychology

This essay looks at the different ways we can study emotions, the main theories of emotion, and the physiological correlates of emotion. It also discusses how emotions are used in psychology and what conclusions can be drawn from all this research.

The Effects of Imagery in Sports Psychology

The psychological concept of imagery has been found to be effective and has been associated with athletes’ improved performance in sports. In this essay, the term imagery will first be defined and explained. Following this, the effects that imagery has on both motor and psychological skills will be discussed, as well as how it can be used as a performance strategy. Finally, the role of imagery in coping with stress and anxiety will be examined.

Cross-cultural sleeping arrangements for children: A qualitative study

This research paper explores the sleeping arrangements of children in different cultures, and discusses the possible reasons for the observed differences. The study is based on a qualitative research design, using semi-structured interviews with parents from different cultural backgrounds. The results showed that there are significant differences in the sleeping arrangements of children in different cultures. White American parents were more likely to allow their children to sleep alone, while minority groups were more likely to practice co-sleeping. Parental choice was found to be influenced by cultural beliefs and practices, as well as the distance between parents and children. These findings suggest that culture plays a significant role in shaping parental choices regarding childrearing practices.

The Importance of Affection

This essay discusses the importance of affection in our lives, and how a lack of affection can lead to various problems. It describes the different types of affection and the benefits of showing affection. It also discusses the symptoms and causes of the disorder, and provides information on treatment options.

The Broken Home: A Major Problem in Today’s Society

The essay discusses the broken home as a major problem in society. It explains how the broken home is the leading cause of juvenile delinquency and a major contributor to social vice. The essay concludes by calling for action to address the issue of the broken home.

The Effects of Energy Drinks on Aggressive Behavior

The current study will investigate the relationship between energy drink consumption and aggression. The study will be a laboratory experiment with a 2×2 factorial design, and the participants will be 100 college students. The data will be analyzed using ANOVA and regression analyses, and the results of these analyses will be used to examine the main effects of energy drink condition and aggression task on aggressive behavior, as well as the interaction between these two variables.