🕵 Criminology Essay Examples and Topics

Social History, the Location of Crime, and the Development of Criminal Behavior

This essay explores how social history and the location of crime can influence an individual’s criminal trajectory. It discusses how poverty, marginalization, and lack of identification with mainstream society can lead to crime. Finally, it concludes by discussing how the life course theory can help us understand the development of criminal behavior.

Contemporary Issues in Western Penology

This essay discusses the contemporary issues facing Western penology, including the decline of rehabilitation, the changing nature of social control, and the rise of the new penology.

The Benefits of Intelligence-Led Policing

This essay provides an overview of intelligence-led policing (ILP), including its key components and its benefits. ILP is a proactive law enforcement philosophy that emphasizes the use of analytical resources to prevent crime through the strategic gathering, analysis, and sharing of information. ILP has its origins in the UK, but has been adopted by police departments around the world in recent years, most notably in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the US. New Zealand and Australia were two of the first countries to adopt ILP following 9/11 and both countries have credited ILP with playing a significant role in preventing a number of terrorist attacks.

The Social, Individual and Environmental Factors That Can Influence the Commission of Crime

This essay explores the various factors that can influence the commission of crime. It discusses the social construct of crime, the individual and how their personal characteristics can lead them to offend, social and sub-cultural determinism, rational choice and environmental criminology. Finally, it looks at offender profiling, looking at both the psychological and sociological approaches.

The impact of the media on the police

This essay discusses the portrayal of the police in the media and the impact that this has on the public’s perception of them. It also looks at the changing role of the police over the years and how they are now seen as more than just crimefighters.