🦹‍♂️ Criminal Law Essay Examples and Topics

The Use of Torture: Pros and Cons

The essay looks at the pros and cons of torture, with a focus on whether it can ever be justified. It argues that while there may be some circumstances in which torture could be considered acceptable, on balance, the negatives of torture far outweigh the positives.

The Convention against Torture: An Important International Policy Document

The essay discusses the Convention against Torture, an important international policy document that seeks to prevent torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment around the world. The United States of America has not yet ratified the Convention, but is a signatory to the treaty and is therefore bound by its provisions. In order for the United States to ratify the Convention, it must first pass domestic legislation that implements the treaty’s provisions.

Prisoners’ Rights: Balancing the Safety of Society with the Fundamental Rights of Inmates

This essay looks at the debate surrounding prisoners’ rights, specifically focusing on the arguments for and against religious freedom, conjugal visits, and privacy rights. It discusses the Supreme Court’s rulings on these issues and how they have been applied in lower court cases. Ultimately, it concludes that there is no easy answer to this question and that it is a matter of balancing the interests of both prisoners and society as a whole.

The Federal and State Criminal Justice Systems in Australia

The criminal justice system in Australia is comprised of the police, courts, and corrections, which work together to ensure that justice is served to both victims and offenders. The system has been designed to be strong and non-discriminatory, with key efforts including the establishment of the racial discrimination act.