🎎 Culture Essay Examples and Topics

The Way the Kansas Natives Have Failed to Elect Good Leaders

In his book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, Thomas Frank argues that the native citizens of his home state have failed to elect leaders who can bring about quality governance. He attributes this failure to three main factors: lack of understanding of how the state government works, voting against their own interests, and following the false promises of conservative politicians. While Frank’s analysis is specific to Kansas, it is also relevant to other states in the US where similar dynamics are at play.

The Psychological Peculiarities of the Chinese Nation

This essay discusses the psychological peculiarities of the Chinese nation. The Chinese are past-oriented, collectivist, traditionalist, religious, and conformist. These peculiarities are evident in the social organization of the Chinese nation.

The Impact of Globalization on Culture

This essay discusses the impact of globalization on cultures around the world. It argues that while there are some negative aspects to this trend, such as the spread of Western values and aggression, it is important to remember that globalization also has many positive effects, such as increased understanding and cooperation between different cultures.

The Geopolitics of Natural Resources in Asia

This essay explores the geopolitics of natural resources in Asia, with a focus on the role of the US in the region and the conflict in Indonesia. It discusses how the uneven distribution of natural resources can lead to tension and conflict, and how this has played out in Asia. The essay also looks at the consequences of the conflict in Indonesia, both for Indonesia and for the wider world.

The Importance of Family in Judaism

This essay explores the Jewish cultural perspective of family, with a focus on the religious and societal significance of strengthening the family and reinforcing its values. The role of the father, mother and children in Jewish families is explored, along with the importance of the nuclear and extended family. Furthermore, stereotypes about Jewish families are dispelled.

The Americanization of German Popular Culture: Causes and Consequences

This essay discusses the Americanization of German popular culture, including the influence of American music, television, and fashion on German youth culture. It also explores the reactions of older Germans to this trend and the impact of Americanization on minority cultures within Germany.

The Commoditization of Culture in Tourism

The commoditization of culture is a complex and contested phenomenon with economic, political, and sociological implications. While commoditization can lead to the “emergent authenticity” of a cultural product or practice, it can also lead to the loss of meaning and value of the cultural product or practice being commoditized.