👩‍💼 Management Essay Examples and Topics

Germany as a Potential Partner in the Restaurant Business

Germany is a potential partner in the restaurant business due to its strong economy, social stability, and technological advancements. The country has a large population with a high employment rate, making it an attractive market for businesses. Additionally, Germany’s benefits system provides support for families and individuals, making it a desirable place to live and work. Although there are some religious conflicts in the country, they are not severe and are not widespread.

Environmental Factors Affecting Decision-Making

This essay discusses the various environmental factors that can affect an organization’s decision-making process. These factors include buyers, suppliers, government regulations, competitors, trade unions, technology, and the economy. Organizations need to be aware of these factors in order to make informed decisions that will help them achieve their desired objectives.

The Reformation of the Voting and Control System

The essay discusses the proposed reformation of the voting and control system in companies. It explains the main purpose of the proposed changes, which is to increase the stability of the control over companies and to protect the interests of investors. The essay also discusses the financial difficulties that may arise in connection with the introduction of the additional control element.

The Different Types of Meetings That Middle-Level Managers Attend

This essay explores the different types of meetings that middle-level managers attend in their companies. The essay is based on an interview with two middle-level managers, who share their insights on the meetings they normally attend. Sales representatives typically attend sales meetings and product demonstrations, while regional sales managers typically attend sales meetings, product demonstrations, and trade shows. Business information managers typically attend strategy meetings, project meetings, team meetings, and training sessions, while IT directors typically attend strategy meetings, project meetings, team meetings, training sessions, and vendor briefings.

The Six Sigma Principle: An Overview

The essay discusses the Six Sigma principle and its various applications in different spheres. It explains how the principle can be used to improve performance in healthcare, manufacturing, and the service industry.

Operations Management: How Purchase Management, Inventory Control, Materials Management, and Product Specifications Can Affect Productivity

This essay discusses the different aspects of operations management, and how they can affect the productivity of a company. It reviews literature on purchase management, inventory control, materials management, and product specifications. Additionally, it uses a case study approach to examine how these aspects can be improved in order to increase productivity at Riordan Manufacturing.

Telecom Management: A Review of the Literature and Survey of Telecom Managers

In this essay, we review the literature on telecom management and identify the key skills and knowledge required for effective telecom management. We also provide a brief overview of the theoretical background underlying telecom management. Finally, we present our findings from a survey of telecom managers regarding the skills and knowledge they consider essential for effective telecom management.