🎵 Music Essay Examples and Topics

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Influence on Classical Music

This essay discusses the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte on classical music. It describes how Napoleon’s personality and military success appealed to many classical music artists, who were inspired by him to create some of their most famous works.

The Use of Music in the Film “Dracula”

This essay discusses how music is used in the film “Dracula” to create atmosphere and convey emotions. It analyzes the role of music in the film and how it helps to create a more suspenseful and fearful tone.

The Challenges of Performing the Sonata-Allegro Form in the Twentieth Century

This essay examines the challenges faced by modern performers of the sonata-allegro form. It discusses how the changes in style that have taken place over the course of the twentieth century have made the form more challenging to perform. Additionally, it looks at how performers must have a deep understanding of both its form and content in order to effectively convey its expressive or emotional content.

Traditional Korean Music and Culture

This essay provides an overview of traditional Korean music and culture. It discusses the different types of music, their origins, and their purposes. It also describes the popular musical genres in Korea and the instruments used in instrumental music.

Take the A Train: The Impact of a Classic American Song

“Take the A Train” is a classic American song written by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn in 1939. The song is a perennial favorite of jazz musicians and fans alike, and has been recorded by many major artists over the years. The popularity of “Take the A Train” has also helped to raise the profile of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, and their work is now widely appreciated.

The Different Families of Instruments

This essay looks at the different families of instruments, their unique characteristics, and some of the most popular instruments in each family.